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I am happy to be a part of this noble & inspiring initiative to build a sustainable globe through the hand of youth. Youth are the future leader. The remarkable potential in young people across all sectors and spaces is undeniable and young people from time immemorial have always been driven by changing the world, by changing the way things are done, by changing the way we live, by changing unjust systems, by bringing about justice and bringing about a new world.

Empowering young people will build a better and more sustainable world. In all areas, we all need to listen to and include the voices of young people. Investing in young people will help the young individuals in the world to reach their full potential. We want to see a world where all young people live happy, healthy lives.

-Anis Uddin

Global President, UYSG


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Our Aim?

Sustainable living is living in a way in which we can continue to do so, as if we are going to live forever. Currently, if everyone in the world lived like the average Briton we would need three planet earths!

To support and sustain our world we need to keep it as healthy as possible by protecting and sustaining wildlife, plants, ecosystems and habitats because all these things are connected and they each need each other for support. After all, animals wouldn’t survive without the right habitat, and a habitat wouldn’t be the same without the animals!

More than three and a half years since the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—a set of 17 Global Goals and many more targets—governments, companies, and organizations around the world are busy planning, implementing, and partnering around the goals.

These goals will continue to guide national priorities and influence strategy within the business sector over the next 15 years.

As the concept of “sustainability” grows in popularity throughout the world, an ever-increasing number of environmental jobs emerge. Sustainability will continue to be a burgeoning industry with great career potential as resources and energy become more scarce and expensive. A degree in the field is often required for these green jobs, but for now, while this growing industry works hard to integrate the environment, the economy, and the social system into a healthy, viable whole, workers with related degrees are sometimes accepted into environmental careers.