Team Information

  • Designation: Global Ambassador
  • Country: Sweden

Maria is a Goodwill Ambassador for Globcal International and a global advocate for peace, human rights, and the environment. She is also a member of the Ad Hoc International Advisory Board of Goodwill Ambassadors for the Five Points Youth Foundation. She promotes global citizenship. Maria works as a language consultant. She regularly writes articles for the Swedish magazine Maia with the theme of humanity, environment, and diversity. She enjoys writing and has among other things written a book about the four big cats jaguar, tiger, lion, and leopard together with the wildlife photographer Jan Fleischmann. The book has been published in both Swedish and English.

As an Administrator of International Observances, Maria raises awareness about international issues and United Nations International Days like International Day of Peace, World Water Day, World Oceans Day, World Environment Day, World Wildlife Day, International Day of Happiness, World Poetry Day, and many others. Maria hopes that we all can collaborate for the commemoration of the UN International Days.