Team Information

  • Designation: Global President
  • State: Abuja
  • Country: Nigeria

Umar Adamu is a Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO, Marketplace Entrepreneur, Management Resource Practitioner, and Development Advisor. He is the Lead Consultant of The BFG Global Consulting Group. A multi-management consulting company and a marketplace problem-solving firm, committed in offering growth strategy services to individuals, businesses, and developmental organizations. In 2019, he co-Founded The BFG Industries Limited, a marketplace business group growing its brand in the Business of Development (BoD) aimed towards the expansion of welfare capitalism in Africa.

Over the years, Umar has built his career in initiating and designing development programs, discovering solution plans, and implementing strategic management models for businesses, developmental networks, and corporate organizations. He is a member of UNESCO-Led Media and Information Literacy Coalition of Nigeria. His debut as a development practitioner was in 2017 where he was awarded as an “Icon of True Leadership” in honor of his frontline role in executing the first UNESCO Club Campus Youth Leadership Conference in Nigeria. Tagged; “Youth in the 21st Century (Check Video Ref on YouTube, 2017) Umar has is a career background in the knowledge base economy and development sector. He is experienced in social and development leadership, public relations, developmental research, content management, strategic planning, administrative techniques, team control, performance management, project value coordination, program executing and monitoring, corporate diplomacy, human capital management, public communication, and information management.